Wish list 2008

Instead of listing down resolutions, I’d rather update a new wish list. Let’s hope I get them all done by the end of the year.

  1. A new pair of glasses.
  2. A new set of contact lenses.
  3. A new wiper for both Daewoo & Honda.
  4. A rain shield spray.
  5. A new job.
  6. A better salary.
  7. A 2008 Organizer /Diary.
  8. A pair of 90’s sunglasses.
  9. Move out.
  10. New working shoes.
  11. Switch to Post Paid.
  12. Hair Treatment.
  13. Facial Treatment.
  14. Make up set.
  15. Estrella Cd.
  16. Dye Hair (it’s time!)
  17. handsfree set for my cellphone
  18. a new cellphone (I HAVE ONE IN MIND ALREADY!)
  19. a new car ( on the way! woohoo!)

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