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3rd year UTI

February 13, 2010

New job is awesome. Not until I discovered the same sickness visiting me. This time, it got worse.
So I’ve had UTI since 2007. It hit me 1st time in Feb 2007, twice in 2008 and twice in 2009.
Monday 5th is the 1st UTI in 2010. It’s not fun,please. I just need to quit this habit of holding my pee so much.

Here’s a review on what UTI is all about.

I first got Urinary Tract Infection, or better known as UTI in Feb 2007. I woke up at 3am, with a very painful urge to urinate. I did not understand the pain that I cried every time I run to the toilet. It became horrifying for me especially when I saw my urine turn into red pigment.

Since I could not sit nor move around so much, I went online standing up and searched for “blood urinating” on Wikipedia.

I was so shocked to find that there is such thing as “bleeding pee”. The only thing running on my mind was either I have cervical cancer (in which I searched as well), and the other thing was “death”. I went to a good doctor whom gave me sorts of medication. She advised me to drink loads of water, drink barley and 100 Plus (for glucose content).

However, the sickness still come around from time to time in 2008,2009.. and now in Feb 2010 marks the 3rd year for me to have UTI visiting me.

The only thing I know is, my bad habit is the main cause of this sickness which is holding my pee.

So girls and guys, don’t hold your pee and drink less water.

Don’t end up like me. Take care and have a healthy CNY.