Why I’m not a politician.

January 11, 2010

One of the main subjects I took for my American High School Diploma was Politics & Culture. It was also my all-time favorite subject.My father has asked me to take up Political Science in university. As a diplomat,he has trained me to become as diplomatic as I can be, taught me what diplomacy is and how to do a proper PR when I meet certain people with different level and acknowledgment.

..but I refused to take Political Science.  Reason being, every time I go for my 3 hours mock UN debate after school activity, or whenever I go on a UN Debate trip to The Hague, I will come home  a depressed 17,18 year old.

Politics & Culture is such a wonderful subject because it gives me the freedom to learn how beautiful or ugly the world is by fact, or by case studies. What makes it even more interesting is that it consist about 14 people in a class, from a different range of students from different background through race, culture, religion, etc. It was such a colorful class and a wonderful one.

So I took up Tourism Management instead.Because I love learning cultures and languages. and I dislike discrimination, racism, and wars.

I wish politics is more like learning Tourism Management. And I wish Malaysia is like that.


update up-to-date.

January 7, 2010

1. All four of my car tyres were stolen yesterday morning. Refer to my twit photo for clearer view and understanding.

a. I wish the thieves nothing but to die in hell.

b. I hope the local policemen really keep to what they’ve promised – to take actions.

c. I spent RM1k++ to get new tyres. Pfft.

d. Total lost value = RM2k++.

e. Lesson learned = get your apartment parking sticker and NEVER park outside your apartment area! EVER!

2. The 1st level of my new year resolution is about to happen.

a. *pray*

b. We’ll see where this goes.

c. I’m so ready to let go!

3. I do not believe in what you expect me to believe so stop forcing me to believe it!

a. That was actually a personal shout out to someone I know.

b. Seriously, I’m not joking. It’s not for you. It’s for that someone I know.


Au Revoir

January 1, 2010

They say, ” we don’t party much now because age is catching up” . That worries me, you know.

Because to end 2009 means stepping into another year where we will definitely turn another year older. I don’t want to get there yet. I was sipping on my Ginger Ale last night, while the live band sang Volare song, and I tried to capture each and every moment I can to remind myself that this is the last of it for this year. Each kisses and hugs I get, each smiles given to me, each SMS received,each drinks poured for me , each sip. That will be the last of it this year.

However, I looked at each one of my boyfriend’s friends and my friends, I turned and looked at him again, and I know someday I will definitely miss such moment. It will be the last of it this year.

But stepping onto 2010 has given me more strength to think of the changes I’m going to do. Everything, for the best of me if it’s not for anyone else.

As for now, I’m greatful for everything that has happened to me in 2009. Here’s to 2010 !


The End is No End (Bye 2009 Hi 2010)

December 28, 2009

So I’d like to write another year-end blog post but I have just been busy.

Turning back and reviewing this year, I have experienced a further detail meaning of depression,stress,and adulthood. I turned 25 this year and had my first car accident with SagaBabe, which I finally named after numerous times naming it ( I started with Megan but decided that it’s a national car hence it doesn’t deserve to be called Megan but SagaBabe).I traveled domestic for a number of times, and have been as broke as a joke.  I have also experienced prank calls,dealing with psychotic communications with psychotic minds, dealing with the cops several of times, reporting about phone call abuse and visual sexual abuses.  Through out this year, I have also experienced physical pain, emotional pain, work pain, everything. The worse part is losing my faith which I am slowly regaining towards the end of the year, thinking that we can never cheat death.

2009 has been quite a tiring year. Nothing significantly happy except for the  success of any campaigns done for one of the brands I take care of though even that is unsatisfying to most eyes. This year I have also experienced being caught in a situation of being courted by a man whom I never knew of and whom only had guts to call my parents in which turns me off completely since waiting for his phone call to show his manly side towards me for having the balls to court me via my parents has yet to happen. So if he reads this I hope he understands that regardless if I am really single or not, I am not going to accept such man (e.g: You) to have such chance in owning me. No one owns me but God. That’s what I have decided this year.

I have been living an angry life through 2009. All I did was to keep in inside or vent it out by the bar of  TGIF to familiar faces. And when I feel like it, I’ll break down and cry alone or to some stranger in my own world, before I go to sleep. This year is the year my best friend(s) found happiness. One whom is engaged to her boyfriend and another one started to live under one roof with the girl he loves.

Truth is, 2009 was a good training year for me to move on to 2010.

I wish for nothing but the best in 2010.

I am looking forward for better days, better place, better life in 2010. Wish list will be edited.

Thank you,and Happy New Year.


Free Meal Wednesday!

November 25, 2009

Life’s good when you thought you have to pay for lunch but a friend paid instead.

Life’s even better when your cousin text and said, ” let’s have dinner. I still owe you (and another friend) the long overdue dinner.”



Because the answer is simple.

November 17, 2009

Я не хочу потерять Вас, потому что я люблю Вас больше, чем я хотел бы даже думать о моей возможной любви к нему.



Поскольку ответ прост: я люблю Вас


Win up to RM10,000 with Mister Potato !!

November 3, 2009

My friends always complain that I never share with them any exciting info that can win them cash prizes.

So shut up now cos you know you wanna WIN THIS !!!