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emopsychostar (no) more.

February 23, 2010

I would like to change EMOPSYCHOSTAR with something else less adapting from the previous blog family I used to be with (Emopsychostar dot com) but at the same time, I’d like to remain with the current setting and dashboard in which I do not have to start a total new blog, nor changing to a new free blog host.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips on this?


Why I’m not a politician.

January 11, 2010

One of the main subjects I took for my American High School Diploma was Politics & Culture. It was also my all-time favorite subject.My father has asked me to take up Political Science in university. As a diplomat,he has trained me to become as diplomatic as I can be, taught me what diplomacy is and how to do a proper PR when I meet certain people with different level and acknowledgment.

..but I refused to take Political Science.  Reason being, every time I go for my 3 hours mock UN debate after school activity, or whenever I go on a UN Debate trip to The Hague, I will come home  a depressed 17,18 year old.

Politics & Culture is such a wonderful subject because it gives me the freedom to learn how beautiful or ugly the world is by fact, or by case studies. What makes it even more interesting is that it consist about 14 people in a class, from a different range of students from different background through race, culture, religion, etc. It was such a colorful class and a wonderful one.

So I took up Tourism Management instead.Because I love learning cultures and languages. and I dislike discrimination, racism, and wars.

I wish politics is more like learning Tourism Management. And I wish Malaysia is like that.


No worries.

October 22, 2009

Sometimes ..

We are too worried about what other people will think of us, we forget to worry about ourselves, for us.

We worry about finding true happiness for others until we we forget to find our own happiness and we forget what makes us happy most.

We worry about friends more than we worry about our family.

We worry about life, and we forget to worry about death.

We worry about losing money, yet we forget to worry about losing our minds.

But are you worried about me?


Why does Karma hit you?

August 9, 2009

Cases of local coach bus crashed, killing or injuring so many innocent passengers is not something new in my country.It has become almost a yearly incident. Sad, but who to blame? Most of the time they’d blame the hills the bus was going on, the weight of the bus, or the road (could be too slippery, too dry, etc etc).

but have you ever thought of whether or not it’s Karma Attack?

I was on the Plus highway heading towards KL. I stopped by the Touch N Go office to top up my Smart Tag. I had to take the very left lane in order to pass through the toll rather than the normal Smart Tag lane which is the middle counter.

Behind me was a coach bus coming from JB to KL. I lift my hand up (which means : please give way for me to pass through) and smiled like any other proper normal driver would do.The driver saw me asking for “permission” to pass by.

What happened next after lifting hand up & smile? By right, the driver should give way. Right?

NOPE. That didn’t happen!

Instead,the coach bus driver accelerated his engine and rapidly moved passing by me which shows he doesn’t want me to take over. And what happened next? He gets the longest curse of “$@%$!$ !! what a rude driver! what a rude guy! OMFG HE’S FCKG RUDE!” sort of curse.

See, that’s when Karma comes hunt coach buses like that. The next thing you know, you’ll be seeing the same bus on the newspaper at the headline saying, ” BUS CRASHED. 38 INJURED. 3 DIED.” sort of sad news.

Attitude. Malaysian drivers are full of attitude and they’re not scared of God nor Karma!


Current twisted situation.

June 6, 2009

So what do you do when you know there is a downfall somewhere in your life? Be it work, friendship or relationship wise.


Do you drop everything on the floor and walk away without hesitation to let regret make a come back and attack your heart and mind? Or do you look into it and try to find a solution.


If your answer is finding a solution, what if there is no solution? What if you know there is no way you can work things out for this downfall?


Do you just stay put and let things be or do you sit in bar listening to a tourist who is in love with your country and try hard to be in his position and steal some of his happiness in that short conversation you had with him?


I say, sit in a bar and drink up. Let people think about you instead.


And tomorrow, you go to a junkyard sale & enjoy a  wise retail therapy.


Malaysian and races.

May 22, 2009

I was walking towards my car, passing by the guard house of my apartment, when an old uncle whom is my neighbor greeted me at the guard house.

Uncle : Good Morning!
Me : Morning uncle.
Uncle: Eh, you look like a Malay. Are you a Malay?
Me: huh? yea. I am.
Uncle: Oh. You’re not Indian? You look like an Indian too.
Me: No. I’m a Malay.
Uncle: Because the guards always see you with an Indian boy.

At this point, I took a glance at the guards and they smiled & laughed a little while looking at me.

Me: Oh, that’s my boyfriend.
Uncle : Hehehe no wonder.
Me : hmm. Ok have a nice day!

As I proceed to walk towards my car, I wondered why Malaysian tend to do that. Asking others what race they are. I can’t seem to interpret that & as much as I try to compromise with the situation,I was actually disturbed by it.

Then it came to my head like a light bulb. *TING!*

Shit. I should’ve said I’m a Chindian (Chinese mix Indian) instead. Stupid me.


I’d be lying if I say I’m 100% happy.

December 4, 2008

It’s a festive month, no doubt. Hari Raya Haji is coming near, and then there’s Agung’s birthday. And before we know it, Christmas is here.

Everyone is so excited so many things but I had a difficult time starting the month! So many heartbreaking moments ! December is not always nice to me. I don’t know which part is my fault but it ain’t easy !

Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.