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Tali Tenang (post-mortem)

January 24, 2010

I must admit, I have been angry with any other current issues going on in Malaysia. But someone came up to me and said, ” why don’t you do something about it rather than venting about how angry you are? Why don’t you look at yourself first before you talk about others?”. These words are probably harsh and straight forward, but they really make sense if you really think about it.

We have been ranting and blogging about how shitty the country has been. Whether or not we have affective politicians or government but have we actually done anything at all?

Being a part of RA and co-organizing it with the team has taught me how we can show others what we have always wanted for this country and it  doesn’t have to be writing or talking about it, but to have actions. These actions DO NOT have to be violence or strikes. It can be as simple as walking down the town with a long rope with Malaysian flags and show how positively inviting it can turn out to be.

For those who came and participated in Tali Tenang;be it as crews, photographers, videographers or parcitipants, I hope everyone learned how awesome it is to realize how we can stick together to show how calm we are and how much we care about being in a peaceful, wonderful Malaysia.

More to come from RA, Malaysia!

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Expo & Escape to KL Packed.

June 30, 2009

There are so many things I’d like to spill out but the main thing I gotta tell you is that I was so busy with Ekspo Mega Beli Barangan Malaysia at KLCC Convention Centre that I almost felt left out on Michael Jackson’s death (R.I.P) but only smiled to myself thinking he died a Muslim. Innalillahhi wa innalillahi raji’un.

The Ekspo was tiring but good. made good sales from Wednesday all the way to Sunday.I’m still bummed out for not attending the lil gathering to surprise Hanim at Palate Palette last Sunday. While others were busy hanging out, I was busy selling stuff at my booth & answering questions from concerned consumers.

Work work work. I love & hate you.

I  managed to escape work and go to Urbanscapes which I was proud of. I missed out Deepset though but I’m glad I didn’t spend Joseph’s money on anything from the bazaar but spent it on drinks & ice cream instead. and why didn’t we go to C&C? hmm.

I’m off to Malacca now for work. I’ll update mostly on twitter .



a fresh look!

February 13, 2009

Last January 16th, I wasted spent some of my  bonus on a shopping spree at two junkyard sales. One at Showpink and one at Hartamas Square!

I ordered a Complex Geometrics from The Shoplifters a few days before the Showpink Junkyard and managed to COD with them there.I like the idea of Complex Geometrics because I can play around with the drape and create a different look for a top or a vest or a hooded top.


It has almost been a month now and I have yet to find the courage to wear this in public! I tried tying it as a hooded top but I realized I don’t look good wearing a hood and if I were to wear this to work, people might think I’ve decided to wear a hijab (nope, not ready yet!) .

I seriously need help from someone who can give me tips on how to wear this until I have the confidence to wear it out to work or something.


It just felt so right.

November 10, 2008

Friday was not planned and I ended up puking the whole city out (well not the whole city but Sunway City to be precise) however I do feel good about it because I really haven’t been out for quite sometimes because my life is like juggling four balls at once. And I haven’t slept over anyone’s house for awhile too and it felt good.

Saturday was crazy hectic. I got a text message from Liyana’s cast-er whom asked joseph and I to attend a casting session for her new video (Thanks Lee My Lee!) but I was preparing for Malacca as we had some company dinner. Something came up and plans got mixed up. I slept through after facial session after a heavy banana leaf lunch and prepared for Leonard’s birthday dinner but time was delayed due to some circumstances and we were late for 2 hours! but it’s okay because there goes another heavy night.

I woke up so late on Sunday and almost forgotten that I couldn’t attend the Charity Concert at Pj Hilton with Joseph and his boys because I had a movie and dinner date with cousins! Movie was good. We watched ” My Best Friend’s Girl” and dinner at Charms was acceptably good. After seeing the girls and from the stories we shared, I smiled to myself while driving home thinking how much of adults we are now looking at the childhood times where we’d meet up and play together at my grandma’s house every time I’m back in Malaysia for holidays. Soon, you’ll hear wedding bells (not that anyone is even planning to settle down just yet) but you get my point. I’m just so glad we can come out of our cave and share secrets we’ve been keeping to ourselves (or to the other cousins we’re close with. LOL) I love my cousins. They’re everything apart from my big family.

But girls,  did you realize Tina was the quietest among all? She didn’t share a single story about her guy(s) at all! Not fair. LOL.


.. and i’m back from LKW.

November 3, 2008

Langkawi has always been the choice for a good holiday location in my family since I was a child. Whenever we’d come back to Malaysia for a holiday and if we’re in the mood for some sun and beach, we’d choose Langkawi.

Even at this age, the last island holiday for my family was Langkawi Island. Before that we went to Pangkor Island.

Last weekend, it was with you-know-who. I think, apart from all the holiday trips I have been with you-know-who, I find our last weekend short trip was the best of all.

I experienced all the things I have never done with you-know-who such as walking down the beach and help (or stopping) him catch small innocent crabs, swim in the pool together, giggle to the underwater life and watch him getting all excited to see crocodiles.

We even had a candle-light, romantic dinner. Guys, please don’t blame me. I didn’t do anything to him to make him wanting a romantic dinner.

The best part is, waking up to have the whole day spent with him.


I am officially an ex-housemate to Bono and I would like her to know that moving out from that house does not mean I have anything against her or what-so-ever. We have had so many bad incidents with the condition of the house and the fact that the agent who was taking care of the house refuses to help us feel more at home therefore, I have no choice but to move out and find a new place.

The last I checked, Bono is moving out too and I hope she finds a better job and a better place to stay and finally build a better life for her future. Thanks Bono! I’ve had such great times with you and I hope we can still spend time like that after this! hug hug hug.

… and I found out my new housemate is a friend of Smearul, works with Ihsan, and a blog reader of mine. *faint*.

Woohoo! can’t wait to move into the new apartment!


Eid Al-Fitr Al-Mubarak.

October 2, 2008


It is the time of the year again, Aidilfitri is here again and we are celebrating it after a whole month of fasting and dedicating our days in Ramadhan.

There are a few things that highlighted my Ramadhan and one of the most important ones is reuniting with old friends and such. Other than that, I admit I have a few occasions to regret upon however I would like to keep that to myself and look forward to fix it and improve the next time Ramadhan comes (InsyaAllah ).

As for those who are reading this, I would like to take this advantage to seek for forgiveness from all of you, from the bottom of my heart. I am sorry if my posts hurt some of you and/or if I have ever said or done anything that hurt you be it online or in real life. May you have a blessed Aidilfitri and enjoy your holiday.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf  Zahir & Batin.


Today is Bianca Day.

September 16, 2008

Last night, 15sep2008, 20:20

dD : hi Aunty (bianca’s mom). I’m supposed to take the soya jelly from your house tomorrow before I go to the party so do you mind calling me at about 6pm to remind me about it?

Aunty : Ok I will call you and please buy some ice to keep with the jelly.

dD : Ok, bye.

Today, 16sep2008, 17:48

dD : Hello Aunty

Aunty : Hi dD this is a reminder for you to take the soya jelly later.

dD: Oh, Ok aunty! I will come at about 8pm to pick it up, ok?

Aunty : If i’m not in you can take it from the maid. Bye!

dD: Bye!

If you think Bianca is cute and adorable (that’s what I’ve always think she is though), look at her mom. Cuteness and adorable is in the blood ok!

Happy Birthday, Bee.