Why I’m not a politician.

January 11, 2010

One of the main subjects I took for my American High School Diploma was Politics & Culture. It was also my all-time favorite subject.My father has asked me to take up Political Science in university. As a diplomat,he has trained me to become as diplomatic as I can be, taught me what diplomacy is and how to do a proper PR when I meet certain people with different level and acknowledgment.

..but I refused to take Political Science.  Reason being, every time I go for my 3 hours mock UN debate after school activity, or whenever I go on a UN Debate trip to The Hague, I will come home  a depressed 17,18 year old.

Politics & Culture is such a wonderful subject because it gives me the freedom to learn how beautiful or ugly the world is by fact, or by case studies. What makes it even more interesting is that it consist about 14 people in a class, from a different range of students from different background through race, culture, religion, etc. It was such a colorful class and a wonderful one.

So I took up Tourism Management instead.Because I love learning cultures and languages. and I dislike discrimination, racism, and wars.

I wish politics is more like learning Tourism Management. And I wish Malaysia is like that.



  1. interesting… i mean the blog, not politics… 😉 anyway, just dropping by… keep it up!! cheers…

  2. Politics is indeed a very messy business to get involved in.

  3. 1. Copy and Save all paper work. Myself, I find that being a military spouse is different.

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