Au Revoir

January 1, 2010

They say, ” we don’t party much now because age is catching up” . That worries me, you know.

Because to end 2009 means stepping into another year where we will definitely turn another year older. I don’t want to get there yet. I was sipping on my Ginger Ale last night, while the live band sang Volare song, and I tried to capture each and every moment I can to remind myself that this is the last of it for this year. Each kisses and hugs I get, each smiles given to me, each SMS received,each drinks poured for me , each sip. That will be the last of it this year.

However, I looked at each one of my boyfriend’s friends and my friends, I turned and looked at him again, and I know someday I will definitely miss such moment. It will be the last of it this year.

But stepping onto 2010 has given me more strength to think of the changes I’m going to do. Everything, for the best of me if it’s not for anyone else.

As for now, I’m greatful for everything that has happened to me in 2009. Here’s to 2010 !

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