Friday’s Observation.

October 2, 2009

I’m not sure if people are going to be offended by this post, but I think  I have the right to say because I am a part of the believer of this religion (a Muslim) and I have the right to comment should I have to.

In Islam, men are obliged to go for Friday prayers. Zohor, the praying time set for Friday Prayer starts at around 1.15pm and ends at about 2pm because of khutbah (preach) that is held before the prayer starts.

What brought to my attention is, the part where I see food stalls around the mosque area before and after prayer.

Personally,I think it’s wrong for food hawkers to set up their stalls and sell food before prayers because eating before Friday prayers might lead to sleepyness therefore, you are unable to focus your prayer since half of the time you are yawning your way through and wishing the prayer is done so that you can rush home and sleep.

The second reason for my disagreement is, you will find men eating outside at these stalls while khutbah is on-going. While the Imam is giving out khutbah, you are eating out there, enjoying your food. Rather than being humble enough to listen to what Islam is teaching you, you are sitting there with no discipline and respect towards Allah.

..and while you pray, you might “burp” and leave others to feel uncomfortable.

The third reason for my disagreement is, if these men are smokers, they will smoke before they pray. Isn’t smoking considered as makruh ? why can’t you just stop and smoke after you’re done with prayer?

..and when you enter the mosque, you come with unpleasant smell of the cigarettes….

Last reason for my disagreement is car parking. I understand that there is a limited parking space in the mosque area but please try not to park up to triple park in the middle of the big road. I mean, I know you want to rush for prayer but don’t make other people’s life miserable by creating a massive traffic jam just because you refuse to walk a little further to get to the mosque.

I wonder if anyone has encountered the same observation with me and if anyone agrees with me. Criticism is open on the table, but please don’t misjudge me. I am just saying based from what I see and you may correct me if I’m wrong.

I just hope there’s an improvement to all these things. Islam doesn’t teach us to complicate ourselves. Islam also doesn’t teach us to complicate others.



  1. amen for that

  2. Agree. Check out Jalan Duta Lembaga Hasil Bangunan area on every Friday.

  3. This goes to show that at this point and time of the century, religion has been out weight by ppl’s love of money.

    Stalls open because, ppl’s want to spend/make money instead of listening to (what they say) a boring speech.

    as for parking, it can’t be helped. Hindu temples experience the same thing as well every few nights if not mistaken and the only reason churches don’t get the same problems is because nobody works on Sunday and (through my observation) not many Christians care to go.

    Its just the mentality of today.

  4. assalamualaikum wbt fwens!!

    to be honest, i might agreed on all you statement.
    this is what we call in Quran “Umat di akhir zaman”. People seems did not care anymore why they need to go for Friday Prayers. I also did eat first at the stall but i will finish it up before khutbah (hehe)

    You might ask ourself what we do when we heard azan?
    Even things that fall under HARAM or Berdosa Besar, we still do it without feel guilty isn’t it?
    ahaha just tepuk dada tanya selera aja la..

    • Pijut,

      how are you? hope things are fine at your side.
      I’m happy that you admit this because not a lot of people would nod and agree that they are one of those people as well.

      This subject on car park, etc doesn’t have to be applied on Friday prayers and onto Muslims only. It may be applied to others, like Darcspeed’s comment above, the temples do the same as well.

      Just wish there’s a way to overcome this. That’s all.
      Thanks for sharing your comment 😉

  5. actually, smoking is already haram, just hasn’t been gazetted, for many many reasons 🙂

    Seperkara yang mungkin paling berkesan yang belum dilakukan oleh kerajaan ialah mewartakan fatwa haram merokok seperti yang dikeluarkan oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan 1995.

    taken from http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/berita/komen_undang_undang/wartakan_segera_fatwa_haram_merokok.html

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