Something beautiful to be read as early as 8am,from a friend.

July 28, 2009

‘Ive missed you. Mainly because ur not part of the bhav n asra clan.. nor the jane n tsun clan.. just someone I could come home to and whine and mebbe have a drink or two with. I know I’m gonna miss you more next year.. when the world cup comes.. who will I watch matches with 😦


No matter how bad or down I feel about my friends not caring  or having time for  me (although,most of the time  I am the one who seem like I’m running away from them but only because of my tight schedule during the our meet up time), I know I have friends whom have left me for so many reasons in life but still remember me, out there.

They are far away, but they are oh-so close to my heart.

Hugs &kisses for my dearest friend, Sabi & other friends out there.

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  1. I’m embarassed!

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