Expo & Escape to KL Packed.

June 30, 2009

There are so many things I’d like to spill out but the main thing I gotta tell you is that I was so busy with Ekspo Mega Beli Barangan Malaysia at KLCC Convention Centre that I almost felt left out on Michael Jackson’s death (R.I.P) but only smiled to myself thinking he died a Muslim. Innalillahhi wa innalillahi raji’un.

The Ekspo was tiring but good. made good sales from Wednesday all the way to Sunday.I’m still bummed out for not attending the lil gathering to surprise Hanim at Palate Palette last Sunday. While others were busy hanging out, I was busy selling stuff at my booth & answering questions from concerned consumers.

Work work work. I love & hate you.

I  managed to escape work and go to Urbanscapes which I was proud of. I missed out Deepset though but I’m glad I didn’t spend Joseph’s money on anything from the bazaar but spent it on drinks & ice cream instead. and why didn’t we go to C&C? hmm.

I’m off to Malacca now for work. I’ll update mostly on twitter .



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