Current twisted situation.

June 6, 2009

So what do you do when you know there is a downfall somewhere in your life? Be it work, friendship or relationship wise.


Do you drop everything on the floor and walk away without hesitation to let regret make a come back and attack your heart and mind? Or do you look into it and try to find a solution.


If your answer is finding a solution, what if there is no solution? What if you know there is no way you can work things out for this downfall?


Do you just stay put and let things be or do you sit in bar listening to a tourist who is in love with your country and try hard to be in his position and steal some of his happiness in that short conversation you had with him?


I say, sit in a bar and drink up. Let people think about you instead.


And tomorrow, you go to a junkyard sale & enjoy a  wise retail therapy.



  1. I am in plenty of these twisted situations. Still looking for a solution. Maybe I will just ask – where to find a junkyard sale?

  2. Laykun, you can search for Bijou Bazaar. They run junkyard sale monthly.
    come to Urbanscapes on 27th June at KLPAC and you shall be able to pick up a lot stuff at the junkyard sales there! 😀

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