“Perempuan ini”

May 31, 2009

Being a Third Culture Kid,  I believe that we live in a modern world, with high belief in  pop culture which will make us all a better person towards the rest of the society.  We are no longer in a world where men have rights to call women by the reference of their sex.

I believe that women should have their way to stand up for their sex and should they come across a situation where they are approached by a sexist, they should be able to find a way clarify that being a sexist is wrong.

No one comes up to my face and call me , *Perempuan ini regardless of what they post is the society, should they be a member of the authority they shall never act as if we are in the wrong.

And by refering me as ‘perempuan ini’, that is enough to make so very angry and reporting this their higher authority starting with blogging about such idiotic sexist like you !

*”P erempuan ini” means “this woman”



  1. Or maybe this is how he feels he can equalize his own position in society. Mebbe by putting women down, he becomes more of a man. U only get smart, when you can call someone stupid. The sad thing about this is, you’re the only one that beleives you’re smart. No one else.

    • The answer is simple. He is a corrupted man and he wants something out of the so-called anger he pulled of.Money.
      Blood Bastard.

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