This is why girlfriend cheats on you.

May 28, 2009

There are two main reasons why your gf might end up cheating on you. It’s either you are TOO clingy or TOO macho to even care about she feels.

If you’re too clingy, possibility is that she’s sick of you. Sick of your phone calls every5 minutes just to ask whether you’ve eaten or not, what you’re doing and who are you talking to. And if you’re heading somewhere, you’d have to call her another 5 minutes asking where she is when you KNOW she has already told you she’s heading somewhere in which she has already given you the details of where she’s going, who she’s meeting and what purpose.

But you’re TOO clingy, buddy. See now she cheated on you. Instead of going to see her girlfriends she went to see a guy friend, instead of sleeping over a girlfriend’s house she ended up in bed with a guy friend. Face the fact, she’s sick of you being TOO clingy but she still loves you. So she keeps it to herself and still dating you.

Or, you can be TOO macho.
You’ve got your boys and you’ve made your plans. But you didn’t bother telling your girlfriend what your plans are cos it’s YOUR plans, YOUR life, YOUR time with your boys, YOUR rules. But when your boys are not around for you that’s the only time you’re sweet to your gf because you’re bored and you don’t want to meet anyone else but your boys.
But when your gf make plans to meet her friends and that’s when you’re bored and you have no one to see but your girlfriend, you’d pull a face and ask her to cancel off her friends and stay with you so you can “spend time “together. Cos you don’t have boys to drink with and talk about girls with so there’s no other way but to interrupt your gf’s plan. And what does your gf do? She cancels on her friends. She goes out with you instead. Why? Cos she loves you and took it as a date.

But when the phone rings and it’s one of your boys, you get excited and you drag your gf with you and meet up the boys. Does your gf pull a face and say no? Nope. She follows you. Why? Cos she fucking loves you.

But if your gf asks you to be with her for a short meeting with someone, you tell her to her face you’ve got plans and you really don’t want to go cos you’ve made plans when we both know it’s not your plans but your boys’ plans and you can’t say no cos you’re not MACHO if you said pull out they might call you a sissy or something .

See, I guess this is why gf tends to cheat on MACHO boys like you. Cos you’re TOO macho to pull out from your boys when you can see them later on or any other day (it’s not like the boys will sulk for you pulling out anywhere. They’re BOYS for God’s sake! They don’t’ give a fuck!) .

So please, grow up. You’re gonna end up looking like a loser the more you piss your gf off. Like, right now.



  1. Some boys don’t grow up.

  2. That is something I already know and I think most girls already know as well, Aida. I’m so irritated it’s ruining my day! 😦

  3. Lol.. couldn’t agree with you more here. 🙂

  4. sounds familiar to me…:P

  5. OMG i love love love this write up!
    can i promote you on my facebook? with this entry?

    • yes pls laydiefa!!!

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