Malaysian and races.

May 22, 2009

I was walking towards my car, passing by the guard house of my apartment, when an old uncle whom is my neighbor greeted me at the guard house.

Uncle : Good Morning!
Me : Morning uncle.
Uncle: Eh, you look like a Malay. Are you a Malay?
Me: huh? yea. I am.
Uncle: Oh. You’re not Indian? You look like an Indian too.
Me: No. I’m a Malay.
Uncle: Because the guards always see you with an Indian boy.

At this point, I took a glance at the guards and they smiled & laughed a little while looking at me.

Me: Oh, that’s my boyfriend.
Uncle : Hehehe no wonder.
Me : hmm. Ok have a nice day!

As I proceed to walk towards my car, I wondered why Malaysian tend to do that. Asking others what race they are. I can’t seem to interpret that & as much as I try to compromise with the situation,I was actually disturbed by it.

Then it came to my head like a light bulb. *TING!*

Shit. I should’ve said I’m a Chindian (Chinese mix Indian) instead. Stupid me.



  1. did u went to see ‘gadoh’ last nite? it was good know? that pak guard n uncle should see it haha

    • Xumb, I didn’t.Friday night I was at the office till 11.30pm finishing up work. GILA BABI TERLUPA SIOT!


      • haha ye ke? takpe la, getting work done is more important! anyways i got the dvd, wanna pinjam?

  2. xuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumb nak pinjammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. when i go back to bangi i will text u k? yeay!!

  3. pak guard? really?

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