I’m a time juggler and you just have to be nicer.

May 19, 2009

In real life and outside this editor box, I am actually a marketer.

I work full time for a food manufacturing company and I market snacks to the local market although I would love to try the Export Team someday. This manufacturing company owns a sister company which is an advertising agency and they provide so many different kinds of services; from event managing, designing packaging, website advertisement, etc.

I took a small part and tried out client servicing with the sister agency and at the same time, still work as the marketer. Having to handle two types of email from two different companies is already a little complicated. Furthermore, I was part time studying then.

Now that I’m done with my studies, I stopped working with the agency and focus more on being a marketer as I have a new boss now (he’s a great teacher, by the way).

But I always look for some time to kill and I want to kill it progressively. I took up a part time job outside work. Weekend job.

Shitballz. It’s tiring to work in a fashion boutique when I would’ve used those hours to sleep and rest at home after hours of working 50 hours in week!

but the experience is great. In day I learnt how to greet customers rather than being greeted, take out new stocks and reading SKU code for clothing lines. They sure don’t look the same as our snacks product! LOL.

It’s great. but I can use a bunch of nicer girls to work with in a boutique. Like, seriously.

Shit I need a haircut.



  1. where do you normally go for your haircuts? i need a trim too.

  2. I go to Kimarie, Taipan. It’s behind Starbucks. They’re alright there.

  3. what happened to the l’oreal studio???

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