kiss me through the phone.

May 11, 2009

Grandma discharged from the hospital and stayed at my house for two three nights now. Today, she went back to her home.

I was on emergency leave on Friday and will be on leave tomorrow as my little brother is registering college tomorrow.

I am not ready to go back to work thinking Joseph is leaving on Wednesday and will be in the USA till end of the month! sigh.

I would like to go watch this short film entitled Gadoh and also these French films. Anyone to go with me?

I would like party with my cousins, and my girlfriends.

I am impatiently waiting for Medina’s arrival so I can have a girlfriend to talk to. HAH!

I need to make more money.




  1. eh eh i pun nak pegi tgk gadoh! jom?

  2. JOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. been reading ur blog silently. hope ur grandmama’s okay. 🙂

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