On EL today.

May 8, 2009

EL means Emergency Leave.

Received a phone call from Mom at 7pm yesterday saying that my grandmama is not feeling well.

She couldn’t get up since afternoon and she started to stutter when she speaks. Her mouth has began to slant as well.

Panicked, I rushed back to my parent’s place and met up with the rest of the family members at the hospital.

from 9pm to 10.45pm, my grandmama was at the Emergency ward in Al-Zaharah Hospital. She was given a letter and asked to be admitted into Hospital Serdang.

Grandmama is admitted nearly midnight last night. Her head was scanned to see if there’s any blood clot in her brain due to the high blood pressure she had the whole day.

I arrived home at 3am. My aunties,uncle and cousin Nadia stayed at the hospital.

4am, my aunty called and said that my grandma is released after scanned and given a strict medication to ensure her blood pressure remains constant or if possible, lower.

She is now resting in my house. And everyone else is around her.

Nenek, we love you.


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