Inspiration : Sex and Coffee

May 3, 2009

I had a lovely Friday yesterday and I think I have not enjoyed a public holiday as much as I did, yesterday (thank you). Happy Labor’s Day by the way!

So Friday night, after spending s0me quality time with a bunch of people that I enjoy being around with, I went back to BBB to be with my family. Mom cooked dinner and last night was the first night since so months since we actuall had dinner as a WHOLE family. Wow. My family HAS been busy!

I had a crampy Saturday cos my ” best friend”  decided to give me a week visit riiiiiiiiight before I was about to leave my house for a wedding  & an engagement ceremony. I ended up with a stain on my top, and another stain on my skirt. I was so not in luck.

So here I am, tucked in bed with socks on, drowning myself with loads of water  & watching my body getting water retention, and looking for inspiration.

and I was blog browsing and digesting some information on current issue until I found inspiration : Sex and Coffee (Helloloverr)

I have always read a lot of make over tutorial or tips but this girl gives the simplest way to do a great eye make over.  I need to start spending some of my money on MAC or other professional cosmetics!

I’m so inspired!

One comment

  1. if u have time, do this! http://pasembur.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/turn-that-shit-up/

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