Krispy Kreme is in town but too far to get it?

April 29, 2009

So there’s big HOO-HAA going on in Malaysia with the arrival of Krispy Kreme.

Everyone’s talking about it on their MSN status, on their Facebook status, twitter and many more.

So one of my colleagues brought in two dozens of Krispy Kreme to the office, thanks to his lovely wife who went all the way to Times Square KL to get it for him.

So sweet please. Yea, the Krispy Kreme dougnuts and his wife.

At the same time, I am still learning at how Malaysians always find something they can go HOO-HAA about, yet it is only going to be an exciting thing for a short time!

It’s amusing, yet irritating.

So what now?

I give credits to Times Square Marketing Team for making such a good impression for Krispy Kreme to start its branch in Malaysia there, becauase we all know not everyone in Klang Valley or even from the suburban cities of Malaysia would want to go all the way to Times Square to do their shopping.

So now that there’s such drive as Krispy Kreme, I guess Malaysians are going to change their mind and say that Times Square is the COOLEST place to hang out in town!

*applause to Times Square*

congratulations and good luck.

p/s : I have nothing against Krispy Kreme nor Times Square. I like doughnuts but not a huge die hard fan of it. To me, doughnuts be it any brand are still doughnuts. Like kuih karipap and kuih keria.

Maybe I should come up with a brand for our local kuih. See if Malaysians would go nuts about it for a short time. LOL



  1. guilty as charged 😀

  2. dD, it’s a good idea if you could come up with a new branding idea for our local kuih…for example dD’s curry puff…hehehee

    • hahahhahaa it would sell like goreng pisang panas ok! lol

  3. i’ve been thinking bout the same thing for our beloved karipap! McKaripap anyone? haha

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