Look Ma i’m on the newspaper! pfft.

March 23, 2009



So yea, that’s the write up from Metro Ahad.

Personally, I am not a fan of the Metro as I find it as a tabloid rather than the newspaper. But I find that the sport writer for Metro is actually an open-minded man who has probably traveled around the world much. But I am not talking about the writer.

Just to share with everyone, this is basically a part of what I have been working on for the past one year. Finally, the contest ended and all 30 winners have flown to Manchester and stepped into Old Trafford.

And no, I am still not a big fan of soccer (God knows how much I yawn everytime the boys talk about soccer) but to experience the match was spectacular! (although again, I feel sorry for MU for the loss(es) they have been going through lately!).

I hope everyone was happy with the trip, despite they the fact they had to watch such bad loss. We’re still a bunch of lucky people!

p/s:I don’t think it’s fair for some people to (still) complain about the trip. Please dude, don’t be such an ungrateful ARSE!(you know who you are, mummy’s boy LOL )

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