I should start thinking hard about what to do with my blog.

February 11, 2009

It’s been playing in my mind. I am dying to give this blog a new change, to make it more interesting.

I thought of posting up photos and make this a photo log once but I got really lazy and busy to upload photos. It takes almost forever for me to update my photo albums on facebook, and now on my blog? Good God.

Almost religiously enough, I will be browsing through loads of fashion blogs such as That’s Chic (Asian rules!) , Hot Chocolate & Mint (you gotta love this Indonesian girl!) and my all time favorite local Malaysian fashion blogger Sputnik-Sweetheart and her friend Kitsch Snitsch.

Now, I’ve only started to read these (fashion) blogs and some others because some of them gave tips about how to dress up or how to apply make-up.

I have always liked dressing up for certain occassions and for working in a Marketing Department in a food manufacturing company, I’m thankful that my boss is not so strict about working attire in my team compare to other Marketing team in other division. Therefore, you won’t miss me wearing jeans every week!

So how? what should I do for this blog?

Someone advise please.


  1. Politics! No. Politically correct fashion.

  2. start by changing yur theme according to yur current mood? then maybe some ideas will crop up soon.

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