Na,Na,na diva is a female version of a hustla

February 5, 2009

Oh my god.

I have been logging in to update you guys about what went on my Chinese New Year break but apparently I have been so busy with work load!

Ok so just to spill the beans from the jar, through out 2008 I have been handling this big baby campaign and so as promised, winners are going to flown to Old Trafford, Manchester. They really earned it for sure!

Since the contest ended last November, I am now in the midst of getting flight tickets and organizing a group tour for those lucky winners. It’s fun to handle a group tour like old days ( I have a tourism management background in my studies hehe) but the process is a KILLER !

and guess who is going to watch MU vs Liverpool too? Yep. ME! I’m going there as well.

Funny how I never care about soccer. I’ve had so  many boyfriends, guy and girl friends who are soccer fans and every time they set their eyes on the match game on television, I  never focus and only drool annoyingly whenever I get to catch soccer idols such as David Beckham or Leonardo in the game.

I’m THAT super lame when it comes to soccer and now what do I get? a working trip to watch MU vs Liverpool.

I’m pretty sure if any of you out there are who into soccer and especially if you are MU or Liverpool fan you’d want to kill me right now (unless if you’ve been to Old Trafford to watch a live soccer game….for FREE)

I almost thought of selling my (free) match tickets to some of my friends in Manchester later (guys! i’ll be seeing you soon!)n but my boss found out about it and he said,

Boss :  dD, you know how for the Muslims it’s a once in a lifetime chance to go for Haji at Mekah?

me   :   Yea?

Boss:   Ok so please take this opportunity to go to Old Trafford the SAME freaking way!

me :  *thought of Ronaldo and Torres* Ok !

So yea.  I guess I’ll just do my homework on soccer and enjoy the rest of this upcoming (tiring) work trip!


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