January 10, 2009

1) I’m thinking of closing down this blog and move on.

2) But I don’t think I should do that because there are so much that I’ve written in here despite the low traffic.

3) I am going to the UK in March. Yeay!

4) I might be busy going on a roadshow from Jan 19th onwards. *gulp*

5) I’d like to see Kevin because he is back and  I have yet have the chance to see him.

6) I miss some of my friends.

7) I’d like to go to Barsonic and wishes that her boss will not take away her Friday nights by having meetings/going to other events/work-related.

8 ) I want my bonus to come quick.

9) Last night I had a dream that my bonus was only RM85.   O_0

10) I hope my bonus is not RM85.

11) I gotta go. Bye!

One comment

  1. low traffic sbb u jarang apdet kot? write more D, we’re waitinggg 😉

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