Anjakan Paradigma – 2009.

January 4, 2009


I’m glad I got to end 2008 with a real,long conversation with Joseph. That’s what I always seek for in a relationship. A mutual understanding, sharing ideas, structured arguments,strong conversation.

I’m glad that I got to do the same with my mother. I look back and realize that she has always tried to be there for me. She wants to be there for me. She wants to know what goes on in my mind as much as she wants my attention. I am so thankful that now, I am able to express how much I adore and love my mother compare to the younger,ignorant days of my life.

I’m glad, that 2008 taught me the actual value of friendship. I make new friends, I lost a few friends,I fought with friends, I keep old friends, but I will always have Lynn Nasir. She has always tried to understand what goes on with me and has always want to hear me out no matter how boring and stupid the case is and she has always put so much of patience in dealing my dramatic-self. This one is definitely a keeper friend, Lynn.

Work. Work has taught me how to improve myself to be a better employee. I’m glad, that although I have a young boss, he has always tried to teach me what to do and what to do, what to say and what not to say, in order to get the business done. I’m glad, that I met such great colleagues who are now very good friends. People I can share stories about work and a few personal stories. I’m glad, that we are able to help each other. I’m so glad, and that’s for Kenny Audrey and Alicia especially.

I bought a car in July 2008. That’s one step ahead. I took extra courses in Tourism management and that has lead my life in 2008 as a time juggler. Work and study. I moved to USJ11 and had a bad experience in renting and dealing with landlords /house agent. I moved into Fairville in October and met Rina and I think we’re doing alright for now. I’m so glad for all this.


We had (almost) perfect 1st weekend of the year.Cheap-sofa and housewarming little party at our little apartment. I give kudos to Rina for choosing the right couches and for taking care of the apartment because most of our guests liked how the house is. I’m so glad.

but reality is going to hit me even harder this year. I can feel it coming already. I can do this.


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  1. yeay dD boleh! happy new year!

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