someone please tell me why do I let myself to be treated like this?

December 28, 2008

No one told me she’s back until I had to face her myself.
I wasn’t ready for all this.

Although, through out the year I have been thinking about what to do or how to react if she’s really back. I have nothing against her nor her family and friends.

But the stare she gave me, almost killed me.

As if there was a message behind that particular look. By walking to me and looking straight towards me. It just hit me. I wanted to leave and not think of any of this at all.

But I wish everyone would stop thinking that it’s an issue especially an issue coming from me. I realize and understand that J should feel it even more to see her back, with her new partner.

I guess, I feel more upset for J than for myself.

But what upsets me most is, that everyone told me to swallow it whole and not say anything about it yet at the same time everyone calls to tell me that she spoke to them about me.

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