what i have in mind right now.

December 14, 2008

1 ) Clearly enough, I have a very complicated relationship. It takes two to tango but you know what? No matter how many times I almost give up on this I’ll end up feeling more in love with Joseph. I mean, deep inside I love that guy and the more I feel like giving up the more I’ll sit at one corner, crying to myself thinking about how much of love I have for him. Gosh I’m so dramatic I need to stop.

2 ) I definitely need to stop using my credit card for a while and clear my bill bit by bit.

3 ) Joseph is leaving to Bangkok on Tuesday for five days . Work is crazy this month and I hope he gets all his work done by then. Most of all I hope he’s safe in Bangkok (and not doing nonsense either!) Oh shit I’m gonna miss that boy badly.

4 ) Christmas is coming and I haven’t got myself a dress to wear! and I’m sorry I don’t have money to buy anyone gift this month. Times are bad and I’m sure a lot of people hear this a lot! Maafkan saya! Je suis desole!

5 ) Lots of friends are getting engaged/married. I am paranoid all of a sudden. They are all my age! Spoke to mom about it this morning and she told me not to plan anything and just go with the flow. I love my mama. She’s always there with the best advise when I’m in shaky situation.

6 ) I’m thrilled to know what my exams results are. To those who may not I was part time studying and working at the same time. Hence the MIA.

7 ) Speaking of MIA, I know some friends are bitching about me not being there for them but when I feel like it, I’ll come around thinking I’m still in the group or whatsoever and some of them are irritated by my presence because it’s not like I’ve been spending my time for them anyways. You know, I’ve realized and decided that …………….. It’s my time and I’m only MIA because I have been working and busy doing assignments at home. and yes, Joseph is exempted from all that. Unfair? well yea that’s how life is.

8 ) I think money shouldn’t be a joke to tease around for within friends. It really affect a friendship and as much as I love all of my friends, I think money is not a joke so if you have or haven’t paid back your debt you might as well be responsible for it and not wait for your friends to come and ask you for it. Yes we party and have fun but when it comes to money, please take note and take action.

9 ) I love Villa Adil although the whole car park deal is unfair.

10 ) I want to do my nails but I can’t find the nail clippers!

11 ) I need to clean the house up.

12 ) I’m off. Bye!

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