omg i feel 20% fatter & 80% a loser.

December 9, 2008

I had one of those system-down weekend where my body demands for nothing but food and sleep.

The whole day,all I did was wake up from sleep, eat and sleep again after half and hour. It’s Hari Raya Adha and I couldn’t perform the morning prayer do to my “monthly sickness”  and obviously, I had a lot of food served up my face and pigged out as if there won’t be any food left for tomorrow.

I waited for the relatives to arrive  Grandmama’s house since breakfast but they arrived at 3pm. So try to imagine a big fat cat (me) , sleeping after indulging big breakfast (fried noodles, cekodok bawang, cekodong pisang, J-Co Donuts & tea) half an hour before. I slept like a log from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Goodness Gracious me!

We had high tea at home so I ate again (strawberry jam cake,pau sambal,ketupat rendang ayam & masalodeh with coffee) and at 7pm, I dozed off on the bed for half an hour.

At 8pm, I had a bit of rice with tiny chunks of Chicken Rendang and Sambal Sotong. 8.30pm we left to my late grandpa’s sister’s house and I had beehoon  soup. With cookies as desserts. Lots of cookies. and Strawberry Tea.

Now, half an hour past midnight, my eyes are fresh  but I feel bloated. I can hardly breathe through my pyjama pants and my stomach looks like it’s going to blow up anytime soon if I poke it with a needle.

And I know by now a lot of you are pissed at how stupid I am to complain about my fatness knowing that it’s all my fault and sinful acts toward food. ( I know, I know, I know!)

I plan to skip lunch tomorrow and most probably run home before anyone starts to invite me to go out for dinner with them but I can almost bet on my shoes that all those plans might just change by the time the clock strikes 6pm.

So if you’re reading this please text me and tell me to cook pasta with a bit olive oil and lots of tomatoes and onions for dinner tomorrow and say no to dinner invitations.

I’m gonna do like, 20 sit ups and sleep now. I’ll tell you if I make  it to 5 sit ups mmmmmm k?(whatta loser dD!)


One comment

  1. hahaha chill la D, i think most of us went thru the same thing every Raya. makan tido. ala, setahun 2 kali je hehehe

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