I rock your world. I know I do.

November 21, 2008


This is how I’d be when you tell your secrets to me.


and this is how I’d be when I plan something to make you please.


This is the outcome of my look when my plans work !


  1. hahahaha comelnya! ❤

  2. pout tu yang mahal tu hehehe

  3. i love ur hair!like,seriously.i need a 101 on how to style your hair like Dd!pray tell..:D

  4. ami : Terima kasih! hiks.

    xumb : Actually,it’s just a bad habit. HAHAHA!

    shanana : Why thank you. but please please please tell me you’re just kidding because my hair isn’t that great. it’s really messy and frizzy, it’s almost an optical illusion. No kidding!

  5. Yes you do rock my world..Thank you for being at my wild b’day night…

  6. of course im not kidding,doll.have i told you that i love ur hair like seriously??now tell me how do i get that look?

  7. That’s ridiculously cute. 🙂

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