November 14, 2008


I find life dull and redundant most of the time. I am demotivated with so many things so easily and it hurts just knowing that I have become this type of sad, pathetic person.

Yes, we’re all adults now. But that doesn’t make us any better if we don’t find a way to change our life now do we?

Time is supposed to be the most precious thing in the world yet I end up wasting it the last minute, to the last second, until I suffocate and lack of air.

I  need to check my eyes. Maybe I can find an excuse to spend a few hundreds on contact lenses now.

p/s : 1) currently reading : Vintage Sale

2) currently drooling : Calf-length Gladiators

One comment

  1. I hope this is just a temporary spell.

    Hope you’re doing well, dD.

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