It just felt so right.

November 10, 2008

Friday was not planned and I ended up puking the whole city out (well not the whole city but Sunway City to be precise) however I do feel good about it because I really haven’t been out for quite sometimes because my life is like juggling four balls at once. And I haven’t slept over anyone’s house for awhile too and it felt good.

Saturday was crazy hectic. I got a text message from Liyana’s cast-er whom asked joseph and I to attend a casting session for her new video (Thanks Lee My Lee!) but I was preparing for Malacca as we had some company dinner. Something came up and plans got mixed up. I slept through after facial session after a heavy banana leaf lunch and prepared for Leonard’s birthday dinner but time was delayed due to some circumstances and we were late for 2 hours! but it’s okay because there goes another heavy night.

I woke up so late on Sunday and almost forgotten that I couldn’t attend the Charity Concert at Pj Hilton with Joseph and his boys because I had a movie and dinner date with cousins! Movie was good. We watched ” My Best Friend’s Girl” and dinner at Charms was acceptably good. After seeing the girls and from the stories we shared, I smiled to myself while driving home thinking how much of adults we are now looking at the childhood times where we’d meet up and play together at my grandma’s house every time I’m back in Malaysia for holidays. Soon, you’ll hear wedding bells (not that anyone is even planning to settle down just yet) but you get my point. I’m just so glad we can come out of our cave and share secrets we’ve been keeping to ourselves (or to the other cousins we’re close with. LOL) I love my cousins. They’re everything apart from my big family.

But girls,  did you realize Tina was the quietest among all? She didn’t share a single story about her guy(s) at all! Not fair. LOL.


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