November 6, 2008

My mother watches different kinds of  soap opera’s and drama series almost every day and she always reminds me that TV programs  like these happen in our everyday life and by watching such TV programs,
it helps us think and realize that there so many different kinds of people who may do good and bad things onto you at any time. I mean, reality check.You get what I’m saying, right?

The cute or annoying part (depending on the climax of the story on TV) is that she gets very emotional when she watches the climax part of the drama series when the bad guy/woman/evil step mom/evil person acts their evil part. She’d even shout at them from the TV screen, as if those actors or actresses are able to hear her.

I wonder, if she’s ready to face the fact that her daughter is seeing Joseph – an Indian Catholic – for almost two years now.

…Darn it. I can’t imagine how loud she’s going to shout at me for that.

..and darn it I better delete this post ASAP.


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  1. it’s still here

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