.. and i’m back from LKW.

November 3, 2008

Langkawi has always been the choice for a good holiday location in my family since I was a child. Whenever we’d come back to Malaysia for a holiday and if we’re in the mood for some sun and beach, we’d choose Langkawi.

Even at this age, the last island holiday for my family was Langkawi Island. Before that we went to Pangkor Island.

Last weekend, it was with you-know-who. I think, apart from all the holiday trips I have been with you-know-who, I find our last weekend short trip was the best of all.

I experienced all the things I have never done with you-know-who such as walking down the beach and help (or stopping) him catch small innocent crabs, swim in the pool together, giggle to the underwater life and watch him getting all excited to see crocodiles.

We even had a candle-light, romantic dinner. Guys, please don’t blame me. I didn’t do anything to him to make him wanting a romantic dinner.

The best part is, waking up to have the whole day spent with him.


I am officially an ex-housemate to Bono and I would like her to know that moving out from that house does not mean I have anything against her or what-so-ever. We have had so many bad incidents with the condition of the house and the fact that the agent who was taking care of the house refuses to help us feel more at home therefore, I have no choice but to move out and find a new place.

The last I checked, Bono is moving out too and I hope she finds a better job and a better place to stay and finally build a better life for her future. Thanks Bono! I’ve had such great times with you and I hope we can still spend time like that after this! hug hug hug.

… and I found out my new housemate is a friend of Smearul, works with Ihsan, and a blog reader of mine. *faint*.

Woohoo! can’t wait to move into the new apartment!

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