no pun intended.

October 26, 2008

Do not ask me about value of friendship, because I have yet to find a real friend with such value.

I have so much to say about so many people I know, especially those who smile at me whenever we bump into each other,or to the parties I go to,pretending they’re happy to see me, pretending I’m in the society but when I turn away, they might be the ones who smirk at me with hate and annoyance.

I can almost see it from the back of my eyes. It’s sad. you know?

I don’t want and dislike it when other people hurt me that way but at least I do not have to be there, stuck in between liars who are too pretentious to be happy.

So you can go ahead stealing other people’s friend and make it sound like it’s the best of friends you’ve ever had since high school.

I’m just glad I’m still alive and smiling at you everytime we meet.


  1. Even though you might wonder about friends with value, I think everyone touches people in their lives.

    And perhaps that’s what friends do. Only sometimes you don’t realise it. 🙂

  2. Aida, what do you mean by everyone touches people in their lives? like, physically touch ? if that’s what you meant then….you never touched me 😦 hehehehe.

  3. chill babe, at least you are true to yourself 😉

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