i feel like

October 5, 2008

..quitting my job. No, really I do.

I think, it’s not only because of the long weekend I’ve had since I came back from Singapore (was in  Johore & Singapore from Sept 25th to 27th ) but it’s also because of the workload I have and knowing that I’ve put all my workload on pending due to Hari Raya preparation and celebration.

I have two reports to compile from my business trip to Johore & Singapore. I also have a friggin’ marketing plan to finish and to pass up to my superior first thing on Monday. I am tired just thinking about it and the worst part is, I’m not done with my marketing plan! how do you even do a REAL marketing plan anyway? and why did I even choose to work in Marketing Dept in the first place? I mean, c’mon! food manufacturing is DEFINITELY not my line! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR #@%^#&$$*$**stupid#^#&%*$(^#^%

I can’t sleep well at night thinking of what’s coming when I come into work on Monday the 6th. I wish I have an extra week to finish up what I’ve put on pending before I can come into work so that boss won’t throw new tasks because I know he will do it eventually.

I’m irritated just thinking about work.

I’d like to quit. I’ve even practice saying this in front of my bathroom’s mirror; four times! , ” I think I’d like to resign because I have been working like a female dog in this company and neither you nor myself feel satisfied with my work therefore rather than wasting both of our time, I think you’re better off without an employee like me.”

I suck and I know you’d like to slap me in the face. but this is exactly how i feel like right now. Gosh.

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