unwritten rule #101.

September 28, 2008

I received a hate (toned) comment from Joseph’s brother.

Facebook notified me, and when I clicked it, it was from a photo Joseph’s cousin posted.
It was an old photo. With is his ex-girlfriend on it. I commented on it, but nothing hate-y or whatsoever.

but today, I received a hate toned comment from Joseph’s brother responding to my comment on the same photo.

When I saw it, I gasped, I felt like I’ve lost some oxygen for me to breathe through, and then I searched for air.
I gasped, and I choked, I felt like my eyes were going to pop out one by one in a very rapid movement, and so I exhaled.
and I inhale again for air, wanting to breathe.

..and after a few eye blinks I told myself, ” Oh well. Too bad he hates me but his brother still loves me for now.”

Dramatic? Yea tell me about it.

I think, Joseph is a lucky guy.

He’s lucky because after all the complication we have been going / have gone/ are going through,  I am still patience, still here, still with him although I am still the one who has to point out things to him whenever he pisses me off.

I’ve learned that (most) guys are like that. They can’t think of what might hurt their lady and what don’t. What to say and not to say. What to do and not to do.

Relationship, be it complicated or not, and even in Open Relationship have a lot of unwritten rules.

If you can’t cope with it, you’re gone.

And from there we’ll move onto dealing with our partner’s family. Especially when I know they won’t / don’t like me.  It hurts, but I have to make sure Joseph is willing to fight for the both of us.

So having Joseph’s brother posting a hate (toned) comment, I reviewed unwritten rule #101 which says, “ignore his brother unless he provokes further more.”

In other words, I think Joseph’s brother needs to get over the fact that Joseph is now with me and still with me.


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  1. i like unwritten rule 101!

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