Today is Bianca Day.

September 16, 2008

Last night, 15sep2008, 20:20

dD : hi Aunty (bianca’s mom). I’m supposed to take the soya jelly from your house tomorrow before I go to the party so do you mind calling me at about 6pm to remind me about it?

Aunty : Ok I will call you and please buy some ice to keep with the jelly.

dD : Ok, bye.

Today, 16sep2008, 17:48

dD : Hello Aunty

Aunty : Hi dD this is a reminder for you to take the soya jelly later.

dD: Oh, Ok aunty! I will come at about 8pm to pick it up, ok?

Aunty : If i’m not in you can take it from the maid. Bye!

dD: Bye!

If you think Bianca is cute and adorable (that’s what I’ve always think she is though), look at her mom. Cuteness and adorable is in the blood ok!

Happy Birthday, Bee.


One comment

  1. i got it from my momma

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