final decision for a dramatic change

August 17, 2008

On the way to Putrajaya to attend Phyruzze & Mysara’s wedding in Medina’s car, I counted how many years it have been since I met Medina, and the rest of my blogger friends.

In between focusing on what Medina was saying to me as we talked, I discreetly thought of how far we’ve gone to in this particular friendship.

and then as we arrived, Yong told me about how different some of us are now and how someone still remains the same.I thought of Yong in his college life time,of how love is almost absurd to him until he met Eliza. I thought of how terrifying Mysara & Phyruzze feel every time anyone ever asked them about the M word.I thought of Ayu who always write about children. I thought of Laydiefa‘s love life until she met Malik.I thought of Lyna having a little of my fat although that has nothing to do with any of the thoughts I had.

That time, I imagined myself now and then, and I wonder if I’ve ever mature in their eyes and if I have changed into a positive person.

But when Lyna said, ” don’t delay cos your eggs mature with you.” , that snapped me out of my thoughts and reality is that I was at Phyruzze & Mysara‘s wedding. The once-upon-a-time commitment phobic couple in the group.

Ah, friends are wonderful. Now stop asking me when is it my turn & ask Medina & Laydiefa instead, will ya?:P

One comment

  1. thanks for coming sweetness. really glad to see u and the rest ysterday. lame gile wei tak lepak together….

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