Honestly,I hope this is just another emotional ride.

August 15, 2008

But after all those times I’ve been holding back, I feel that
today is the only day I feel ready to leave you.

I have wished that you are in love just like your friends are.
I want to see your face glow in photos with me in it, not just
a smile to put on for the camera, or if it’s the alcohol affect
that makes you all giddy up to laugh.

I want you to tell me,(if it’s to the world), that you are in love.
I want your sentimental side.
I want your attention.
I want your real, powerful love.

but today as I sit here, trying to hold onto my tears,
I know I am not the reason you feel complete.

You will never understand why I cry for you
or why I text you at random just tell you I love you.
You may never know how to appreciate what love really is.

You have yet to taste it as how I’ve been longing for you to.
but maybe, just maybe. and clearly enough I am not the reason
you feel complete.



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