corporate e-mails.

August 11, 2008

I have been working for a year plus now and until today, I still find errors in the corporate emails sent to me. I find it rude when an email is started with ” Can you please “.

Dear Diyana,

Can you please ……….

and send it over with an attachment?

Thank you.


Whoever I May Be.

Emails like this makes me feel as if I haven’t done anything at all with my work and as if the favor has been requested over and over and over again yet no action taken.  Because that is certainly not the case. I may have been on facebook (honesty is the best policy guys) all day but that doesn’t mean I leave my work behind.

I guess, instead of attending management courses, marketing/sales courses, or client servicing courses,corporate slaves should attend Business English course 101 first.

One comment

  1. wow.
    i havent read ur blog since like, forever.
    ur archives sampai september 07 je eh.
    anything else beyond that dah takde eh?
    coz i miss reading the old ones 😉

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