post-weekend post.

August 6, 2008

I have been writing a draft on how my weekend was and this is the only time for me to actually finish it.

I had a ________ weekend. I don’t know how to describe it so I’ll just write a line within the sentence.

Friday, I was supposed to FFK my friends and join BotakHead friends to one of his friend’s farewell party, at Hartamas. I’ve decided to divide my time rather than FFK my precious friends. I let him pick me up from my house, picked his friends up and then off we went to Hartamas, but before he even parked the car, I took over and drove off to Loft. Sounds evil and jahat ? Of course not. Sounds fair to me. Besides, it all happened after discussing with him first. Hell no I won’t drive someone’s car off. GIla apa.

Saturday – Went to Bijou Bazaar. Spent RM200 on a few things. I even got my forever daydreamt Gladiators Sandals which MissBowBoutique is altering & sending to me soon. (C’mon c’mon! send them already!)

Sunday – Stayed at my cousin’s house after a long night of bad constipation. I went to a bad doctor too. (story about it in the next entry. Wait for it!) . I was a Bijou Bazaar till about 6pm, went for dinner with the girls at Taipan and headed home. I dozed off and woke up at 9pm. The next thing I knew, I was sitting at the toilet bowl waiting for some proper poop to come out. How painful. Credits to BotakHead for being a REAL boyfriend and took care of me from Saturday night and Sunday night. Bigger credits to my lovely cousins who babysitted babysat me the whole of Sunday. Ah! I love you!

Anyways, besides smelly story about how bad my constipation was,I have finally seen how my week has gone by since I moved out of my parent’s house. I stick to BotakHead a little too much and now I’ve decided to make some changes. I’m not sure if this going to bring miracles and the “sparks” of our relationship, but it worth the try. I just hope he sees it and understands before I get ohhhhhhhhhh-sooooooooooooo bored of the relationship.

Ok. Back to work.

Oh and happy birthday to my dad and Bianca’s Dad! flykisses.

One comment

  1. i love u also. more than i can describe it.

    p/s: i never mind babysitting u =)

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