We’re nearly in my favorite month.

July 30, 2008

I spent RM 75 on a handbag, a dress and a tube top. Online shopping never gets better especially when your salary is not in yet.

August I’m dead meat. I have to pay my credit card, my girlfriend (in which I’ve decided to name it  Esmerelda. Or Bubbles. Or Fox. Or Delicious. Or Whatever), my room rent.

Yet I’ve been shopping and I can’t stop shopping for more ! Bijou Bazaar is just around the corner and funny how I’m so very excited to check it out while I try hard not to spend a single cents on any items sold (Yea right).

Sigh. Commitment sucks. I’m so depressed and stressed out when it comes to money. I’m just going to visit Giant Hypermarket at Kelana Jaya and see what I can bundle out from. Thanks Ami for telling us. Now I REALLY am going to be broke.

I know, I know…this really sound some blond bimbo post. it’s just my bimbo moment mmm k.



  1. Sigh, I’m going through a shopping phase myself and I almost die every time I look at my credit card! I think I should start leaving it at home. 😛

  2. i sounded so bimbo in my last entry too T__T
    hahahahha takpe sekali sekala. I baru dapat salary smlm, fuhh lega dah bayar cc ok.

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