just another weekend update

July 28, 2008

I have finally watched Dark Knight*. Went on a long awaited movie date with my dad. My father and I think the movie was awesome but not as super WOW KaBaAM movie. We like the idea of the them trying to tell their viewers that Batman is not a super hero and that he is just some dude who cleans up the mess … at night.

Although Heath Ledger looks freaky, I give him credits for giving out the best performance. He acted well as Joker and I think he really digested the cast well. Credits and R.I.P , Heath.

Sakinah is finally married to Jon. God, I feel so happy for her. That’s a truly high school love come true and to be married to a German? Fucking awesome. It was nice to bump into her wedding photographer who is also going to be married to his lovely fiance soon. Phyruzze la, who else? Bangi Clanz. What more can I say? LOL.

I think I need to lose down on attending weddings in the weekends. I get emotional watching my mom getting even more emotional which makes sit quietly thinking of the fact that I am not lucky in love just yet.

I mean, she actually had tears watching Sakinah and Jon on the pelamin , taking wedding photos okay! Gosh. Where’s my rich prince man?!

Anyways, Lyna, I’m glad you enjoyed your Daughtry-ness night. Glad I made it to pass you the tickets and woman, you’re one hell of a hot momma okay ! << Tetek Hugs >>

Ooh I received another email from my boss complimenting my work. Woot woot! and hey, watch THIS.

Ok bye!

*Thanks Xumb for correcting me. LOL.


One comment

  1. D, it’s ‘dark knight’, 🙂

    well i think’s it’s super-wow-kabaam-tebabow-arghhh-ekkk-omg-omg-omg-jiggy-yeay!

    fyruz n sara kick ass!

    don’t worry D, the time will come sooner or later 😉

    best ke daughtry?

    LOL the ad is hillarious! my fav is the first one. mamat tu reminds me of jon heder hahaha!

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