My Life Lately #2

July 25, 2008

At work and out of work lately.

and THIS.

My life has been   amazing. Have I ever mentioned to you that ” amazing ” is not really a  word? It’s an expression just to make other  people think we’re cool.

I didn’t have a good weekend last week but this  weekend i ought to make it up  to myself.  I try not to sound too dramatic as I already am but  you  know what, it’s 8.44pm, I’m still in the office and I’m hungry.

I’m burning a  cd full of song to listen to while i drive my new  girlfriend .

Say, what?



  1. macbook kah? 😦

  2. hehehehe yes, macbook.
    and hehehheeheh yes, i cut my hair! 😀

  3. looking greet in those pictures. 😀

  4. why, thank you! 😀

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