I’m a citizen so I’m allowed to speak.

July 15, 2008

If I can sue someone, I probably would’ve done it by now.

Honestly, I am very embarrassed with the existence of such newspaper. Wait, it’s not newspaper. It’s a tabloid. Why the hell do you want write such things about an international event? It’s not their fault the place happens to be muddy this year. So? You’re writing about tourists wearing such clothes and playing around with the mud or you’re trying to point how stupid you are for writing per se?

You KNOW it’s an international event. you KNOW there are many foreigners attending the event to enjoy the music and you MUST write such nasty article?

Why, why?

The saddest thing, local tabloid like this is the most read in the whole Malaysia. Why  must you brain wash those already brainwashable Malays? Why  must you do this to my people and to your own people?




  1. tabloid means sensation. sensation interests readers. readers mean money. that’s “journalism” today, sadly.

    i like your ‘sputid’ remark hehehe

  2. tu la pasal! tak semena-mena je event tu macam diburuk-burukkan. i mean come on lah, dah sah-sah la yang pergi sana bukan semuanya malaysians je. bodoh betul review dia.

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