We spoke about all the good times you & I had.

June 27, 2008

When I die, I’d like my spirit to see all the men I’ve dated come and visit my funeral. That shows we had something good when we dated and it prolongs to a good friendship. That way, I am remembered.

It was Sabitha’s birthday yesterday. I couldn’t resist but to call her and talked to her for a good 11 minutes. I had to hung up because I was at work and the conversation was going to get a little teary and sad. I really, really, really miss her and I’d like her to know that I am waiting for her to come back to Malaysia and be my housemate again because I love that girl, my friend and she’s probably the best of friend I’ve had through out the years she & I have lived together as housemates.(Leave Bangalore for me,dey!)

I spoke to a friend whom I used to date in early-mid 2006 whom at the end of the day I rejected due to my own stupidity for choosing between him and the guy who was a total moron after a year spent with.

But that’s not my point. I’m not here to write about a moronic dude who was so….moronic.

But this friend of mine, the one whom I used to date is now happily married to lovely young lady and in which I am so happy for him although there are lonely times I’d whisper to myself saying it could’ve been me and I  hear it clearly from a friend who’d say the same thing too which of course, shocked me.

I mean, how in the world did she know what I’ve been thinking about all this while?

To be honest, I had an idea of what to write yesterday but didn’t have time to sit and write it down so today, I decided to share with you of what I spoke of and with whom did I speak too.

I miss 2006. It was my glowing year until someone has to come around and mess it up.

Don’t worry. I still am happily loving Botak Head.


  1. hey dd, was looking around for u since the other site expired. do u still remember me, ida from adl? 😉

  2. i did not see this till now.. thanks dd, and well hey take a vacation to bangalore.. i promise i’ll take care of you and we’ll have fun.. PROMISE.. and miss u roomie bestest!

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