some of the (un)cool things that happened #2

June 23, 2008

Ok so I got the power fixed. It costs RM120 just to watch the electrician bang the switch box left and right. It turned out the power was cut due to thunder storm on Saturday afternoon.  I’m definitely claiming back my RM120 from my landlord. Haih.

Thanks Nadzim & Sanjay for all the help you’ve given us. Lock, for the advise on how to get to the TNB people. They came, but they told me to get new fuse (or is it called plaque?) and when I did it still didn’t work so it was actually the switch box that went haywire.

But the worse and shitty part is that …….. my landlord drives me nuts.

I wonder what awaits me at the house today.


One comment

  1. Ah, the part and parcel of having your own place.

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