some of the (un)cool things that happened this weekend.

June 22, 2008

After Sandra’s birthday party, Botakhead slept off an hour before he left me to get to the office to get to the airport to get to Bangkok. The next day, I cleaned the house but had to stop because I broke my broom so I headed to Mydin with Bono and ended up groceries shopping on (un)important things and ended up spending RM60.60 for myself and that excludes of that I owe Bono for the list that she paid for the house that we were supposed to split on.

And while we were at Mydin, I left my couch’s cushions  under the sun. When we came back after four hours of unplanned shopping, it rained heavily and so the cushions were there. At my mini garden. Wet. Soaked. Pfft.And when we entered the house to continue cleaning up, we discovered that there’s no electricity! The sad part is, OUR HOUSE IS THE ONLY HOUSE THAT DIDN’T HAVE ELECTRICITY.

Ok, fine.

So we ignored everything that was going on in the house and headed to Loft for Junk’s pre-Urbanscape party.  Too many ‘wrong’ crowd until three dudes lodged their bottle at our place and mixed a few drinks for us except for Bono  because she doesn’t drink and she doesn’t want to drink because she’s a good girl that way. But the handbag Bono loaned to  me fell into the water and it destroyed my (already stupid) phone and so I couldn’t reply anyone’s text nor call them because every key on the keypad types either number 1 or 4 and it was very irritating. Gosh I need a new phone (hint to Botakhead)

Thank God Lapsap spun good mix for us to go wild on.

We came home at 4am after sitting at the mamak singing ‘Low Low Low’ out loud and ate food that we ended up not finishing (well I finished my Roti Bhomm) and discovered that the house was still out of power.Well guess what, I’m sitting at the office now and writing this because the house is STILL out of power and because Bono & I are in need to charge our phones. Maybe my landlord didn’t clear the bill or something or maybe it’s the renovating house right next to us who accidentally cut our power out. She promised to check tomorrow.

Oh great. I still have to go back to the non-electricity house now.

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