tiada tajuk #2

June 20, 2008

Yuna came at 2am & slept over last night.I found out she was around when Bono came down to greet the usual ‘Good morning’ to me as I was rushing,preparing for work. Ayuni’s brother in law came to pick her up and he greeted me at my house’s gate as if we’ve sat down over coffee and talked for hours all this while.  I didn’t know who Yuna was until she left to Kuantan for a show/tour ten minutes before eight this morning. I am the slowest early in the morning.

My boyfriend leaves to Bangkok tomorrow, at 8am sharp. I am so crushed deep inside just thinking of how much I’m going to miss him. Well,a business trip better means business trip (and loads of goodies for me).

I’m off for a three-hours training.


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