Ilham datang dari hati,jiwa & akal.

June 18, 2008

I would like to write a play. Or perhaps, a story board for a short film. About a mix-culture relationship. The infamous mixed ‘color’ relationship. The one that consists a partner of one dark and one fair.

The one that has nothing to do with Yasmin Ahmad‘s Sepet‘.

I would like to write about the inner,discreet feeling of a girl who is in love with her lover, who happens to be from another race, another religion. I would like to portray the discreet confusion she may have to go through along the way.

Of whether it’s right or it’s wrong, of whether it’s fine or it’s not. Or whether it’s forever love or merely lust.

However, I do not have the equipments, the team nor the right person to seek help to. I would like, for you to help me with this ilham (inspiration) I have always have.

E-mail me.

Thank you.


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