I am your new neighbour

June 17, 2008

I calculated my expenses from March 2008 and I realize that 85% of my salary is spent on none other but my car. Petrol, smart tag card and maintenances.

So with my parents’ permission (this is to make it clear that I did not run away from home so stop asking me stupid questions as if I’m such a bad child in my family pfft), I’ve moved out.

I am currently staying with someone who once was just an acquaintance since she and I are used to bump into each other at gigs, events and some friend’s Hari Raya open house. But of course, I look forward to  bond with her because well, she’s prolly as crazy as I am.

No matter how happy I am now I must say that I am more overwhelmed and flattered to have Sanjay contributing his fridge to the house. My house mate & I had a fridge but the landlord’s agent had to take it away (along with the dining table,the tv…..) for another house and she promised to replace with new items though she is unsure when exactly that would be.

So, if you have any of the electrical goods that you’re willing to give away as a contribution gift, please do not hesitate to pass it Bono or I. We will take and make use of them with open arms and hearts. HAHAHA.

But to those who know I’ve moved out (to their area), puhhh-lease. Your area is not so magical / superb/ the coolest/ Hollywood-like mmm k.




  1. Wow – independent living!

    Have fun babe!

  2. Aida, I am your new neighbor.
    So come home come home!

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